Mechanical seals

Mechanical seal R-6-CH-16

Торцевое уплотнение R-6-CH-16

Mechanical seal R-6-CH16

Temperature: -20°~100°

Pressure: ≤0.3 MPa

Speed: ≤5000 r/min


  • Rotating ring: Ceramic/SIC.
  • Stationary ring: Ceramic/SIC.
  • Bellows: NBR/HNBR.
  • Spring: SS304 / SS316.
  • Metal parts: SS304 / SS316.

Тип контркольца


Systems dosing for pools

Торцевое уплотнение R-6SB

Automatic dosing and control systems for swimming pools Problems of disinfection of water in swimming pools Sodium hypochlorite makes water alkaline, soapy to the touch, and people who bathe in such water will have dry skin and red eyes. To restore an acceptable ph = 7.2, acid must be added in parallel. Disinfection of a 1000 m3 pool in one day will require 30 to 80 liters of 17% hypochlorite. To adjust the ph, you need to use 3 to 20 liters of sulfuric acid. As you yourself understand, you can't just take and pour a hypochlorite canister and a bottle of sulfuric acid into the pool. It will be a disaster! Why do you need automatic dosing The amount of added disinfectants should be strictly dosed. Dosing “by eye” means adding reagents to the pool and manual “test tube” measurement of water parameters at a certain period of time. For professional dosing of disinfectants, pool owners install the eTWIN Automatic Dosing Stations - compact, easy-to-use equipment consisting of two dosing pumps and two 2-parameter controllers. The controllers can measure chemical quantities in pools such as pH, Rx (mV), or CL (ppm) chlorine concentration. ETWIN's materials are suitable for dispensing the most popular pool products in the industry.

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