Mechanical seals

Mechanical seal R-6CK-16

Торцевое уплотнение R-6CK-16

Mechanical seal R-6CK-16

Temperature: -20 ° ~ 100 °

Pressure: ≤0.3MPa

Speed: ≤5000rpm


  • Rotary Ring: Ceramic / SIC.
  • Stationary ring: Carbon /SIC.
  • Bellows: NBR.
  • Spring: SS304 / SS316.
  • Metal parts: SS304 / SS316.

Single mechanical seal R-6CK16

Used in pumps for pumping water, oil and slightly corrosive media, etc.

Analogues: Burgmann, John Crane, Roten, AESSEAL, Anga, Vulcan, Lidering, DIMER, Flowserve.

Тип контркольца

Valve disc ADV

Торцевое уплотнение R-6SB

Disc-shaped contact devices of rectification and absorption apparatuses are classified: - by the number streams; - by types and designs of contact elements; - by the nature of the phase interaction in the zone contact; - on the organization of liquid overflow, etc. According to the number of flows (discharge), the plates perform one-, dual- and multi-threaded (Fig. 2.3). Multi-drain trays are also used with uniformly distributed over the area plums and plates with a cascading arrangement of the canvas. Multi-flow and multi-discharge trays are used in columns large diameter and with significant fluid consumption. These plates provide a more even level liquids and vapor distribution over the area of contact devices. Depending on the direction of movement of the steam and the liquid phase, in the contact zone, direct-flow, counter-current and cross-flow trays are distinguished. By organization overflow trays are divided into overflow and non-overflow (failure type). By type of contact plate elements are divided into: - cap (with capsule and tunnel caps); - from S-shaped elements; - perforated with fenders; - sieve-valve; - valve (one- and two-line); - valve ballast; - lattice; - louvred valve; - jet-directed (scaly).

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