Boutique Olive Oil Production

Despite the fact that production in small quantities is the first thing to come to the mind when Boutique Olive Oil production is of question; actually boutique olive oil production is based on quality and wellness.

On the other hand boutique production does not have a single definition; it can be briefly described as olive oils that aim a specific consumer group, feature distinctive and special tastes, produced in limited quantities since it is a labor-intensive production process, sold in special packaging for the sake of preserving quality, branded, have required production permits, passed chemical and sensory analyses successfully, offer quality parameters under traceable and sustainable conditions, produced by qualified people with technical background.

A multitude of factors such as timing and manner of harvesting the olives to be used in production, disease and pest conditions of the orchards, paste temperature at the time of pressing, water, ambient odors etc. directly influence the quality of oil manufactured through boutique production.

Accordingly, harvesting the olives in the period called as early harvest while the olives are in green-greenish yellow before gaining a marbled color (green-reddish-purple), pressing them at the lowest ambient temperature with the olive paste not exceeding 27°C in the production process can be considered as the basic conditions for boutique olive oil production.

HAUS Olive Pro series Boutique Olive Oil Production Machinery lets you to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oils rich in polyphenols which are regarded as the antioxidant constituents of olive oil with additional health benefits discovered every other day under these conditions.

Why HAUS Olive Pro for boutique production?

  • Cold pressed olive oil production with early harvest olives
  • Minimal light and air contact surface
  • Low space requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Possibility to produce your own oil from your own olives
  • Easy maintenance owing to modern and ergonomic design
  • Production of olive oil only in 2 phases
  • Modular equipment items
  • Award winning references in olive oil quality contests

OLIVE PRO 21 (2 Phase)

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