Food hygienic pumps FDA - FOODBOXER

Food hygienic pumps FOODBOXER for the food, cosmetic industry with pneumatic drive

FOODBOXER food hygienic pumps designed for use in such industries as: food, brewing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic; all materials used for the production of these pumps meet FDA requirements(United States Food and Drug Administration). The pumps are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, electropolished to an average roughness of just 2.7 microns.

Food hygienic pumps Foodboxer are self-priming even at a considerable suction lift, when the pump is not overloaded, it is also possible to fine-tune the speed without loss of pressure, adjust the flow rate and pressure, and the possibility of long-term operation without overload and damage.

A wide range of materials for component parts ensures full chemical compatibility with the liquid and /or the environment, taking into account the required temperature. Their design allows them to be used in harsh environments such as high humidity and explosive environments (ATEX certification).

Productivity up to 900 l /min, head up to 80 m of water. Art.

Пищевые гигиенические насосы FOODBOXER

Characteristics of FOODBOXER food pumps:

  • Execution options: n /a AISI 316.
  • Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification).
  • Suitable for use in severe operating conditions and high humidity.
  • Ability to work in dry mode.
  • Self-priming dry mode.
  • The drive is compressed air energy without any presence of lubricant particles.
  • Adjustable capacity and operating suction lift.
  • Fine adjustment of speed at constant pressure.
  • Possibility of double piping (two suction and pressure pipelines).
  • Floor standing, hanging or submersible installation.
  • Three suction and three exhaust manifolds.
  • Convenience in maintenance and replacement of components.
  • Good performance and price-quality ratio.

Food pumps - FOODBOXER