Safety valves for plunger pumps P and ST-P

Предохранительные клапана к плунжерным насосам P и ST-P

Safety valves are pipeline fittings designed to protect against mechanical destruction of equipment and pipelines by excessive pressure by automatically releasing excess medium from systems with a pressure above the set pressure. The valve must also ensure that the discharge of the medium is stopped when the operating pressure is restored. The safety valve is a direct-acting valve operating directly from the working medium.

Safety valves for plunger pumps P and ST-P

Mach. flow - back pressure * Connections Execution vendor code
0.4 m3 - 12 bar 1/2 "Gm Pvc AVA0050101
0.4 m3- 100 bar 1/2 "Gm n / a AISI 316 AVA0050102
1.2 m3- 9 bar 1 "Gm Pvc AVA0050201
1.2 m3- 60 bar 1 "Gm n / a AISI 316 AVA0050202
3.6 m3- 6 bar 1 1/2 "Gm Pvc AVA0050301
3.6 m3- 60 bar 1 1/2 "Gm n / a AISI 316 AVA0050302

* - when placing an order, you must specify the required pressure (for calibration)

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