PH Automatic Dosing Station - PH CONTROL 1


Dosing pump for measuring and dosing pH.

PH CONTROL 1 is an automatic proportional dosing and pH control station for swimming pools up to 500 m3.


  • The station is based on a DLX PH-RX /MBB metering pump with built-in pH controllers.
  • Wall-mounted anti-acid pump casing.
  • Alarm for continuous dosing time, followed by shutdown of the dosing pump.
  • Dosing delay when turning on the station.
  • Level sensor or flow sensor alarm.
  • Setting the pH limit alarm (MIN /MAX).
  • Dosing modes: constant ON /OFF (with hysteresis setting) and proportional PROP.
  • Pump capacity: 5 l /h - 7 bar.
  • Measurement ranges: 0 ÷ 14 pH.
  • Manual temperature compensation of pH.
  • Dosing direction: "down" (acid) or "up" (alkali).
  • Reagent flow /level sensor support.
  • Protection class (pump): IP65.

Key Benefits: Simplified pump programming and calibration, simple operation, and readily available flow-through piping for service.

A type Performance,
l /hour
pH Price without VAT, (€)
PH CONTROL 1 5 7 0 ... 14 783
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