Control system for monitoring the levels of PH, RX and residual chlorine CL (A) -PH-RX-F CONTROL

Система контроля и регулирования CL(A)-PH-RX-F

Monitoring and control system CL (A) -PH-RX-F

CL (A) -PH-RX-F CONTROL - pre-installed system for regulation and monitoring of PH, RedOx levels and free (residual) chlorine in swimming pool water, complete with eSELECT-B3 liquid analyzer. The control system is supplied pre-assembled on a plastic chemically resistant panel (400x600x8 mm), without metering pumps (pumps and (or) other executing devices are selected according to the terms of reference).


  • The system is based on an ESELECT-B3 liquid analyzer, with a universal input voltage of 90–260V, a SCLO 3 HYCHLOR flow amperometric free chlorine sensor (inorganic chlorine only), pH sensors, RedOx with a mounting kit, including a flow sensor.
  • Measurement ranges: 0-14 pH; -1000 + 1400 mV RedOx; 0-2 ppm (mg /L). Display resolution: 0.01 pH; 1 mV; 0.01 ppm. Dosing modes: constant ON /OFF or proportional PROP.
  • Dosing delay when the system is turned on. Level sensor or flow sensor alarm. Locking the settings made by password.
  • Two independent ON /OFF outputs (non-contact relay) for each measured parameter. Two independent 4-20 mA outputs for each Set Point. Electronic clock (time, date), timer.
  • Electronic locking of the settings made by password. Setting alarm for limit concentration of pH /Cl levels (MIN /MAX).
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP65. Pre-wired (in box) for connecting one ON-OFF external device (e.g. dosing pump).

Dosing system delivery set:

  • liquid analyzer eSELECT-B3 230V
  • chlorine sensor SCLO 3 (HYCHLOR)
  • cable with adapter for chlorine sensor SCLO 3 (HYCHLOR)
  • mounting kit for chlorine sensor SCLO 3 (HYCHLOR)
  • mounting panel 450x600x8 mm
  • PH level sensor with 0.5 m cable.
  • level sensor RX with 0.5 m cable.
  • calibration solution PH 7,55ML
  • calibration solution PH 9.55ML
  • calibration solution 650 mV, 55ML
  • set of instructions for installation and maintenance
vendor codeNameCharacteristic
QPA9Z11112 Dosing system CL (A) -PH-RX-F CONTROL, 0-2 ppm -
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