Sulfuric acid pump

Dosing of sulfuric acid can be done with metering pumps from ETATRON D.S. For the dosage of sulfuric acid, pumps are used - solenoid type (PKX, DLX, BT, eONE), membrane motor type (D, ST-D) and plunger type (P, ST-P).

In the case of dosage of sulfuric acid, it is necessary to do the following manipulations with the dosing pump:

  • It is necessary to pick up pipes, instead of PVC, install polyethylene pipes.
  • To start dosing sulfuric acid, the pump must be dry, for this you need to remove water from the pumping part, because water reacts with sulfuric acid, and a large amount of gas is formed, and this can lead to damage to the pump, valves and pumping part.
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