Trapezoidal corrugated sheet sprinkler, Trapezoida

Trapezoidal Wave Fillers

Trapezoidal Wave Fillers The sprinkler sheets form sections for water distribution in the form of a trapezoidal oblique wave. This improves the movement of steam through the corrugations and slows down the rate of water splashing to form a film. Increases the time of heat storage, time of its exchange and improves the heat sink. It is widely used in circulating cooling towers. Sprinklers made of corrugated sheets create a large specific area for better heat and mass transfer of water with air with less aerodynamic resistance and has a higher water cooling coefficient. The corrugated sheet sprinkler is quite practical, its installation takes a little time and is made on-site.

Material Maximum operating temperature, °C Size of one sheet, mm The distance between the sheets, mm Sheet thickness, mm Method of compilation
PVC, PP, blue, white, black -35-65 1000*500 250-400 0.35-0.5 Bonding
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