Mixers, stirrers

Быстрые мешалки

Fast agitators. Single-phase fast AG1-PVC /AG1-AISI 1400 rpm - motor 230 V 50 Hz 0.12HP; Three-phase high-speed motor AG3-PVC /AG3-AISI 1400 rpm - 230/380 V 50 Hz 0.12 HP


Медленные мешалки

Slow mixers. Slow single phase AG1-PVC /AG1-AISI 70 rpm - Motor 230V 50Hz 0.12HP; Slow three-phase speed - AG3-PVC /AG3-AISI - 70 rpm - Motor 230 /380v - 50 Htz - 0.12HP.


Мешалка лопастная

Blade agitator - a device for stirring, consisting of a drive motor-reducer and a working body blade type. The mixing unit consists of a propeller (propeller) with two, three or four blades, in depending on the model. The blades are curved like a propeller, which allows liquid during mixing circulate not only in the horizontal but also in the vertical plane, moving along the axis. Thanks to unique design features, the mixer can provide full circulation of the liquid medium in capacity, spending a minimum of mechanical energy. Purpose of paddle mixer - Device design allows it to perform the following functions: -Dissolve and transform into emulsions of any kind in terms of viscosity liquids; -Lift and stir up solid sediment in a liquid, with a mass content of not more than 15% and particle size up to 0.2 mm; -Stir fibrous materials; -Optimize temperature parameters in liquids; -Increase the intensity of heat transfer.

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