Operating conditions of BOXER pumps

  • Maximum fluid temperature +65 ° C for polypropylene versions and +95 ° C for PTFE, aluminum and stainless steel versions.
  • Minimum fluid and ambient temperature -6 ° C (at lower temperatures, the main pump bushing fails).
  • The viscosity of the fluid should be between 800 and 50,000 cps, depending on the pump model (the larger the size, the greater the permissible maximum viscosity).
  • The height of a dry self-priming pump ranges from 3 to 6 meters, depending on the model. The height of the self-priming pump with a filled suction line reaches 8-9 meters. When operating in self-priming mode, the viscosity of the liquid should not exceed 5000 cps, and the density 1.4 kg /dm3...
  • When operating in self-priming mode, the pump performance drops. The higher the manometric suction lift, the greater the drop in performance. For example, with a self-priming height of 4 meters, productivity drops by 15%, with a height of 7 meters, the drop is already almost 40%, and with a height of more than 7 meters, a sharp drop in performance occurs.
  • When working with positive fluid pressure at the inlet (with back pressure), make sure that this back pressure is not too high, otherwise the pump may not work and the back pressure will have to be reduced.
  • The air pressure in the pneumatic line must not exceed 7 bar, but also must not be less than 2 bar. If the pump is equipped with rubber ball valves, the pressure must not exceed 5 bar. If the pressure is too low, the pump may stop (it will have to be restarted), but excessive pressure may damage the pump.
  • The compressed air entering the pump must be dry and clean.
  • The pump can be started and stopped by starting / stopping the compressed air supply. Stopping the pump by closing the valve on the pressure or suction line is fraught with damage to the pump.
  • By default, all pumps are certified according to the European ATEX standard category II 3 / 3GD with IIB T4. This means the ability to work in zone 2 (where an explosive atmosphere is rarely and briefly present) for environments with an ignition temperature of 135 ° C and above. Pumps with II 2G certification (for continuous operation in explosive atmospheres) are available on request.
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