Peracetic acid pump (peroxyacetic acid, peracetic acid)

Peracetic acid - a strong oxidizing agent, has a powerful disinfecting effect, which makes it possible to use it in the manufacture of a wide range of detergents, including for hard water. At chemical plants, epoxies are synthesized from the substance, and then nylon materials, glycerin and other synthetic compounds are produced.

Concentrated peracetic acid is a rather corrosive substance. Diluted peracetic acid is non-toxic, but as a result of its hydrolysis, hydrogen peroxide is formed, which is also corrosive.

Peracetic acid has bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effects.

Here are some examples of the use of peracetic acid in industry:

  • Meat processing plants: Dosing pumps for disinfection of work surfaces
  • Poultry farms: Dosage of peracetic acid for disinfection of technological equipment (pipelines, containers, tanks)
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Dosing pump for peracetic acid (for sanitization, disinfectant)
  • Food industry: The peracetic acid pump is used to disinfect process equipment, pipelines, containers, tanks, milking machines, milk pipelines, pasteurizers, etc.

Peracetic acid, peroxyacetic acid, peracetic acidfor food shops, breweries, farms and pharmacology.

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