Citric acid pump

Lemon acid very often used in various fields, it is an indispensable substance for adjusting acidity, flavoring and for increasing the shelf life. Citric acid is supplied in powder form and then diluted in water. Our company offers a station for the preparation and dosing of the reagent Etatron D.S. which includes a container, an AGR-V agitator and a dosing pump.

The diluted acid is dosed into food products. Citric acid makes it difficult for harmful microorganisms to grow, multiply and grow.

Dosing of citric acid is not interchangeable in food production, in cosmetic products, in the production of household chemicals and construction.

Citric acid dosage takes place with the help of various types of metering pumps - peristalsis, diaphragm pumps, plunger pumps.

Насоси дозатори для лимонної кислоти
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