Aluminum Hydroxide Pump

Aluminum hydroxide Al (OH) 3 - it is an alkali of aluminum, there are several variations - a colloidal substance, a gel-like solution and it can be in a solid form.

Aluminum hydroxide is very poorly soluble in water.

Pump for alkali, aluminum hydroxide it is applicable in water treatment, as it has the properties of adsorbing (removing) pollution;

Dosing of aluminum hydroxide as an abrasive in toothpaste;

Dosing pumps for alkali, aluminum hydroxide are used in many industrial areas in the production of paper, dye and in the production of cryolite;

In pharmacology, the dosage of aluminum hydroxide is used in various vaccines.

In the chemical industry, dosing of aluminum hydroxide is used to reduce their flammability.

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Насос для щелочи, гидроксида алюминия

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