Explosion-proof diaphragm motor pumps ATEX

Мембранные моторные насосы с взрывозащитой ATEX

In plants in hazardous areas, high-pressure pumps must comply with the ATEX directives.

What is ATEX?

ATEX is an abbreviation for ATmosphères EXplosibles. Explosion protection requirements have been modified within the EC. From 1 July 2003, the European Directive 94/9 /EC on explosion protection is in force. The update of the requirements mainly consists in the fact that now not only electrical components, but the entire pumping unit as a whole are subject to inspection and certification of explosion protection.

For instance -EEx de IIB T4

  • EEx is a general abbreviation for ATEX
  • de- abbreviation for the type of protection
    • d - explosion protection using a flameproof enclosure
    • o - explosion protection with oil-filled flameproof enclosure
    • p - explosion protection with filling the flameproof enclosure with gas under excess pressure
    • q - explosion protection with filling the flameproof enclosure with quartz sand
    • e - explosion protection of increased reliability
    • i - explosion protection type "intrinsically safe electrical circuit"
  • II- abbreviation for the group electr. equipment
    • I - gas safe
    • II - explosion-proof
  • B- classes of group II
    • A - B - C - different sizes of limiting air gap, minimum ignition current
  • T4- heat resistance class
    • T1< 450 °С
    • T2< 300 °С
    • T3< 200 °С
    • T4< 135 °С
    • T5< 100 °С
    • T6< 85 °С
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