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Manual dosing pump eONE BASIC

Дозирующий насос eONE BASIC с ручным управлением

eONE is a series of dosing pumps with intelligent dosing control. The cutting edge plant series - eONE represents a new era in the development of dispensing equipment manufacturing. Specifications provide a reliable and efficient solution for chemical dosing and water treatment applications.

The eONE series metering pumps feature a new control circuit with patented microelectronic technology. The new pump operation algorithm allows the electromagnet to be controlled in a “smart” mode, adjusting the amount of power consumed in accordance with the operating back pressure in the system.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, the new eONE series pumps reduce energy consumption by over 60%, combined with improved performance and reliability for consistent and accurate metering.

EONE series technical specification

- Diaphragm solenoid metering pumps DLX series
- Leading series of the plant, the best price / quality ratio
- Analog and microprocessor control
- Constant and proportional dosing
- Anti-acid plastic housing
- The pump control panel is protected by a film from UV radiation
- Pump capacity up to 20 l / h, counter pressure up to 20 bar
- The flow path of the pump is a PVDF head with double ball valves made of Ceramic (except for models 2-20 and 20-3)
- Class of dust and moisture protection: IP65
- Wall mount
- Dimensions: 190x120x150 mm

Versionvendor codeNameBack pressure performanceFlow part:
Pump head
l / hbarExecutionA type
0210 PEU503874I Dosing pump eONE BASIC 2-10 100 /250V
  • 2
  • 10
PVDF-Ceramic H
0507 PEU503884I Dosing pump eONE BASIC 5-7 100 /250V
  • 5
  • 7
PVDF-Ceramic H
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