Process Equipment Supply

Due to cooperation with many European manufacturers, we can supply a wide range of different process equipment.

Moreover, we can provide additional services:

  • development of design solutions;
  • equipment assembly and installation;
  • automation;
  • installation and commissioning.

We provide guarantee and service maintenance for the equipment that has been supplied and put into operation by our company.

We will select equipment required and recommend the best option for making an order, delivering, installing and providing equipment services.


Equipment supply
BTS-ENGINEERING performs equipment supply and assembly.

БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ выполнит поставку оборудования

Column equipment supply

Поставка теплообменников / БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ

Heat exchangers supply

Поставка мембранного оборудования / БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ

Membrane equipment supply

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