Free Chlorine FIC /FOC Sensors

Датчики свободного хлора FIC/FOC

Measurement range:

  • 0.05 ÷ 2 ppm
  • 0.05 ÷ 20 ppm

Chlorine sensor FOC /FIC for measuring organic and inorganic free chlorine in water, supplied with electrolyte, used in ETATRON D.S. automatic water treatment stations. (Italy). Low dependence on changes in pH in water. Can work in water with isocyanuric acid, surfactants, flocculants.

The design and operation of the closed-type amperometric sensor FOC /FIC is a closed galvanic cell (similar to a battery), in which there is a cathode (made of gold or platinum) and an anode (silver or copper). The cell is filled with electrolyte and is separated from the measured medium by a membrane, which prevents the loss of electrolyte and only allows the composition of the measured liquid to be measured, is also a filter from unnecessary and harmful impurities. The filtered membrane composition enters the electrolyte filling the sensor, where it decomposes at the cathode. The formed ions enter the anode, where they are oxidized - a current appears proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the water, the level of which had to be measured.

Chlorine FOC /FIC Sensor Specifications:

  • Type - CC1N or CC1HUn
  • Membrane type - M48, article AME0000301
  • Measurement range 0-2 ppm (0-2 mg / l) or 0-20 ppm (0-20 mg / l)
  • Chlorine measurement in the 4-12 pH range
  • Maximum operating temperature - 45 degrees
  • Working flow 30-40 l / h
  • Max. system back pressure - 1 bar
  • Automatic temperature compensation - yes
Name A type vendor code
Chlorine sensor SONDA CL, 0.05-20 ppm, FOC /FIC CC1N RSO0001701
Chlorine sensor SONDA CL, 0.05-2 ppm, FOC /FIC CC1HUn RSO0001702

FIC / FOC free chlorine sensors

Pos. Name
1 4 pin connector
2 Sensor housing with amplifier
3 Reference electrode
4 Reference electrode
5 Measuring electrode
6 O-ring 14x1.8mm
7 Cap
8 Atmospheric valve
9 Disc membrane holder
10 Membrane

Free Chlorine FIC /FOC Connection

A special connecting cable with combination plugs is used to connect the FIC /FOC chlorine sensor to dosing pumps or liquid analyzers.

Connection takes place according to the diagram below:

Connection of the FIC / FOC free chlorine sensor

The connecting cable for the FIC /FOC chlorine sensor is not supplied with the chlorine sensor. The connecting cable is sold separately.

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