Sensor holder OFF-LINE PH-RX (FS)

Держатель датчиков OFF-LINE PH-RX (FS)

In-line (OFF-LINE) holder for PH and RX sensors, or PH and PT100 sensor, complete with flow sensor. In its configuration, the flow-through sensor holder contains a fine adjustment knob and a sampling nipple. Maximum flowing liquid temperature: 45 ° C. Maximum system back pressure: 5 bar. Connections: 1/2 ”nipple for 10x14 hose. Execution material: plexiglass /polypropylene Compatible for connection to eSELECT series liquid analyzers (controllers) and BT PH-RX-CL /M and DLX (B) PH-RX-CL /M metering pumps

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SPS0001201 PH-RX probe holder (FS)
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