Mechanical Seal R-BT-RN3 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304

Mechanical Seal R-BT-RN3 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304


Features Mechanical Seal R-BT-RN3 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304

Analogue for
Vulcan 12.DIN, Sterling SR2, Roten UNITEN 2, Latty T900D, Flowserve 42D, M.T.U. Europa 2, Aesseal T03DU, Aesseal T03D, Tekhniseal 400, Burgmann BT-RN.NU, Anga A3
Shaft diameter
Length of transport packing, cm
Operating temperature
-40°C +180°C
Rubber type
Width of transport packing, cm
Seal type
R-CT-R ~ 3
Material of metal part
Rotation velocity
15 m/s
Height of transport packing, cm
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Mechanical seal with a conical spring and O-ring R-BT-RN3, BT-RN3.NU intended for large-scale production. Spring deep coils to reduce the risk of clogging by solid particles or viscous liquids. With reliable performance, wide application range and ease of installation. The seal is used at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 180°C, a pressure up to 1 MPa and the rotation speed to 15 m/sec. It is ideal for use in the paper, sugar, chemical and oil industry, food industry, sewage treatment plants. 5 analogue Roten, Burgmann BT-RN3 Mechanical seal for Wilo pump, K, KM, X, AH, AHP, AH, Calpeda, DAB, Ebara, Grundfos, pump KSB, Allweiler, SALMSON, ACD Cryo, Flygt, IMP Pumps, LOWARA, PENTAX, Foras, Fristam, pump SPERONI, ZENIT, Inoxpa, JL, Johnson pump, KOLMEKS, Pedrollo, SAER, Vulcan, WQ, WQK, pump Tuchenhagen, ALFA LAVAL, Donjoy, Mission Magnum.

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