Mechanical Seal R-FBD 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, NG

Mechanical Seal R-FBD 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, NG


Features Mechanical Seal R-FBD 20, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, NG

Gross weight, kg
Rotation velocity
13 m/s
1.7 MPa
Analogue for
Aesseal P02, US SEAL E, Vulcan 20, Sealol 43 CE Short, Roten 21, Roplan RB02, Latty T200, Flowserve 200, John Crane 2, Burgmann MG920/D1-G50, Aesseal P02T, LIDERING LRB01S
Shaft diameter
Length of transport packing, cm
Operating temperature
-40°C +200°C
Rubber type
Width of transport packing, cm
Seal type
All features


Mechanical seal R-FBD is used at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 120°C, a pressure up to 1 MPa and 7 rotation speed to 13 m/sec. It does not depend on the direction of rotation of the shaft. External spring for compact working height. It has a reliable transmission thanks to a special design that allows you to work under high pressure. Sealant R-FBD is used in pumps, agitators, air compressors, fans, mixers and equipment with limited space. Often used in the pulp and paper industry, petrochemical, food processing, the energy industry. Analogs: John Crane Type2. Mechanical seal for Wilo pump, K, KM, X, AH, AHP, AH, Calpeda, DAB, Ebara, Grundfos, pump KSB, Allweiler, SALMSON, ACD Cryo, Flygt, IMP Pumps, LOWARA, PENTAX, Foras, Fristam, pump SPERONI, ZENIT, Inoxpa, JL, Johnson pump, KOLMEKS, Pedrollo, SAER, Vulcan, WQ, WQK, pump Tuchenhagen, ALFA LAVAL, Donjoy, Mission Magnum.

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