Mechanical Seal R-M7N 43, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G9

Mechanical Seal R-M7N 43, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G9


Features Mechanical Seal R-M7N 43, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G9

Type of conta-ring
Seal type
Material of metal part
Height of transport packing, cm
BTS Engineering
Stationary and rotating face
Gross weight, kg
Rotation velocity
20 m/s
Pompetravaini, Ах, Netzsch, Thune Eureka, Sterling (SIHI), KSB, Bornemann
2.5 MPa
All features


Single mechanical seal with an arbitrary direction of rotation. The seal is designed to work with petrochemical products maloagressivnymi chemical compounds and substances that are used in the refrigeration industry. It is used at temperatures from -50 to + 220°C, a pressure up to 2 MPa and 5 rotation speed to 20 m/sec. It is used in these types of pumps Grundfos: R-M7N-28: - Grundfos NB 32, NB 40, NB 50, NB 65, NB 80, NB 100. Article Grundfos: 96658834/97769916/96658835/97769904/96658832/96658833/97769915/96551967/97769903/96551964/9655196. R-M7N-38: - Grundfos NB 40, NB 50, NB 65, NB 80, NB 100, NB 125, NB 150. Article Grundfos: 96551960/97769917/96551962/97769905/96551929/96551961/96658855/97769918/96658856/97769906/96658853/96658854. R-M7N-48: - Grundfos NB 80, NB 100, NB 125, NB 150. Article Grundfos: 96658866/97685505/96658867/97685502/96658864/96658865/96658799/97685504/96658800/97685501/96658798 96,658,797. R-M7N-55: - Grundfos NB 150, NB 200, NB 250. Article Grundfos: 96658810/97685588/96658811/97685584/96658808/96658809/97536543/97685589/97536544/97685585/97769923/97769925. R-M7N-60: - Grundfos NB 125, NB 150, NB 250. Article Grundfos: 96658823/97685590/96658824/97685586/96658821/96658822/97536585/97685591/97536586/97685587/97769924/97769926. Possible applications in pumps: KSB, Grundfos, Allweiler and others. Analog mechanical seals: Burgmann M7N, M74, Anga V, AESSEAL W07DM, Flowserve Europac 600, Sterling 270, Vulcan 1677. Mechanical seal for Wilo pump, K, KM, X, AH, AHP, AH, Calpeda, DAB, Ebara, Grundfos, pump KSB, Allweiler, SALMSON, ACD Cryo, Flygt, IMP Pumps, LOWARA, PENTAX, Foras, Fristam, pump SPERONI, ZENIT, Inoxpa, JL, Johnson pump, KOLMEKS, Pedrollo, SAER, Vulcan, WQ, WQK, pump Tuchenhagen, ALFA LAVAL, Donjoy, Mission Magnum.

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