Mechanical Seal R-MG1 19, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G60

Mechanical Seal R-MG1 19, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G60


Features Mechanical Seal R-MG1 19, SIC/SIC, VITON, 304, G60

Seal type
Type of conta-ring
Material of metal part
Height of transport packing, cm
BTS Engineering
Stationary and rotating face
Gross weight, kg
Rotation velocity
10 m/s
Hidrostal, KM, Pentax, ЦВК, Johnson pump, Nocchi, Zenit, НЦС, Гном, Hydro-Vacuum S.A., Alfa Laval, ERDURO, EMAUX, CNP, Evroaqua, IRG, Ebara, ЦМК, Yulo, Seepex, GÜCÜM, CRI-MAN S.p.A., SPOMASZ ZAMOŚĆ S.A., Salmson, Бурун, KMЛ, АГРОФЕРМТЕХНІКА, TAJFUN, Svanehoj, Standart, SD, Mas Daf, Foras, DWO, Grundfos, Pedrollo, WILO, Speroni, Inoxpa, KSB, DAB, SAER, ALLWEILER, Sulzer ABS
1,6 mPa
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Single End seal MG1, with an elastomeric bellows, unbalanced, with a central spring, independent of the direction of rotation of the shaft. Used in centrifugal pumps, mixers and other equipment, it is particularly recommended for the media, which contain solids (e.g., sewage). Apply at temperatures from -20 to + 140°C, pressures up to 1.6 MPa and the rotation speed to 10 m/sec. Possible use in pumps Alfa Laval, Ebara (3M, DWO), Lowara, KSB (Etanorm, Etachrom), WILO (MVI, MHI, IPL / DPL), Grundfos (CDM), Saer (IP), Calpeda (GM, MXS) , Gnome, KM, DAB, Johnson Pump, Foras, Zenit (DTRT) and others. Analog mechanical seals: Burgmann MG1, AESSEAL B09U / B02, Flowserve Pac-Seal 190, ROTEN L3, Vulcan Type 19, ANGA A1, Sterling SMG1, Sealant 212.N2. Mechanical seal for Wilo pump, K, KM, X, AH, AHP, AH, Calpeda, DAB, Ebara, Grundfos, pump KSB, Allweiler, SALMSON, ACD Cryo, Flygt, IMP Pumps, LOWARA, PENTAX, Foras, Fristam, pump SPERONI, ZENIT, Inoxpa, JL, Johnson pump, KOLMEKS, Pedrollo, SAER, Vulcan, WQ, WQK, pump Tuchenhagen, ALFA LAVAL, Donjoy, Mission Magnum.

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