Swirl Droplet Separator

Swirl Droplet Separator


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The flue gas passes through the cyclone separator. Produces high speed centrifugation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the droplets and dust move toward the wall, collide with each other during the movement, and condense into larger droplets, which are thrown to the surface of the inner wall of the cylinder. It is quenched after contact with the wall forming liquid film layer to realize the removal of mist and dust. It is mainly used in flue gas purification equipment, which is characterized by large amount of droplets and large distribution area. The droplets consist of slurry, agglomerated particles and dust. When small droplets and particles are in high-speed operation, they always collide with each other. This collision will form agglomeration and gather more large particles. Finally, when these large particles weigh more than the Earth's gravity, it will naturally fall off

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