AlphaDynamic Sunflower oil pump AD40.1/01 2.2kW impeller

AlphaDynamic Sunflower oil pump AD40.1/01 2.2kW impeller


Features AlphaDynamic Sunflower oil pump AD40.1/01 2.2kW impeller

flexible impeller
AISI 304
Drive Type
Output pipe diameter
1 1/2"
Dry running protection
All features


The AD series flexible impeller pumps are widely used in the food and beverage industry for liquids such as honey, sugar, paste, butter, yogurt, chocolate, butter, wine, wine products, extracts, etc. In the paint and varnish industry for liquids such as ink, paints, glue. In the cosmetic industry and in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products: lotion, cream, shampoo, liquid soap. The principle of operation of an impeller pump with a flexible impeller is quite simple - due to the displacement of the axis of rotation of the impeller (impeller, impeller) relative to the working chamber, the flexible blades of the impeller alternately pressing and moving away from the walls of the chamber create a vacuum on one side and a zone of increased pressure on the opposite side. Due to the use of a flexible impeller, the pump creates a smooth laminar flow of liquid, allows the pump to be started without preliminary filling ("dry suction"), allows you to gently pump products without destroying the structure (cheese masses, fruit purees with berries, etc.) Benefits - suction from a depth of up to 5 meters, without preliminary filling; - reverse mode; - constant and stable pumping; - the possibility of pumping viscous liquids, and liquids with solid suspensions; - body material - stainless steel; - monoblock design for greater strength and tightness; - easy cleaning and replacement of the impeller and mechanical seal; - the flexible impeller is completely made of non-toxic materials (neoprene, NBR, EPDM) and is resistant to various chemically active compounds; - impellers made of neoprene and EPDM meet the requirements of the FDA for the control of fluids related to food products; - mechanical seal made of INOX / GRAPHITE / NBR / EPDM or Tungsten / Tungsten / NBR / EPDM;

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