ADV 160/PP/1000/10HP/2800/BSP vertical centrifugal pump

ADV 160/PP/1000/10HP/2800/BSP vertical centrifugal pump


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ADV series vertical centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastics (PP and PVDF) and are suitable for pumping hazardous and corrosive liquids with small solid suspension. ADV series is available with a height of 250 - 2000mm. pump Description: An open pump impeller allows constant even very dirty liquid having a viscosity of 500 cps (at 20 ° C) and small solid suspensions. ADV vertical centrifugal pumps consist of a pressure hull, and rack fixed to the connection plate, which carries the pinwheel which is in turn the fastening element for the motor. The motor is secured to the pump shaft through a flexible coupling. Open impeller fixed to the other end of the shaft, which is supported by a radial sleeve. The special design of the pump makes it possible to dismantle the engine without the need to disconnect the pump itself from the network. Setting: Axis vertical centrifugal pumps ADV installation must be located exclusively vertical manner and the pump must be immersed in a container. Pumps should be set so as to prevent dry running, and the possible formation of vortices of air suction. These pumps must work exclusively in the flooded state; dry running or air bubbles damage the inner sleeve. Pump specifications: Material performance: PP Max. Capacity: 55 m3 / h Max. head height: 32 Max.temperatura: 60 ° C The maximum viscosity of 500 cps Max. the diameter of the solid particles is 9 mm. Intake / delivery connections: DN65 x DN50 Power: 7.5 kW, 3x380 V, 50 Hz, 3000 rev / min.

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