RUBY 010S-P-NTSS-T pneumatic diaphragm pump

RUBY 010S-P-NTSS-T pneumatic diaphragm pump


Features RUBY 010S-P-NTSS-T pneumatic diaphragm pump

membrane pneumatic
AISI 316
Drive Type
Material of valve seat
AISI 316
Serial number of the pump
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Benefits of Ruby Pumps: - economical air consumption, eco-design; - a high degree of performance; - optimum performance; - High efficiency of the pressure / capacity; - does not freeze; - New design of the air valve is fully controlled by the passage of air; - ease of disassembly and reassembly; - progressive membrane technology; - new generation of diaphragm with an inner outer piston; - composite membrane PTFE + EPDM. It combines the highest resistance to aggressive media Teflon and EPDM elasticity. Operating temperature from -10 ° C to + 130 ° C; - combined with a modified PTFE membrane layer, calculated on 100 million cycles are ideal for abrasive fluids and for operation under conditions of negative temperatures;. - Option Twin Manifold (two suction and two delivery); - excellent performance and value for money; - ideal for abrasive, viscous and shear sensitive media; - Automatic suction; - a full immersion in the pumped medium (on request); - pumping viscous liquids; - ease of maintenance and replacement parts; - slight change ORIENTAL supply port (reverse collector).

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