Diaphragm dosing pump PDM-D BA 300/5 400/3/50 0,25

Diaphragm dosing pump PDM-D BA 300/5 400/3/50 0,25


Features Diaphragm dosing pump PDM-D BA 300/5 400/3/50 0,25

membrane motor
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дозирование воды, дозировка ферментов, дозирование кислот и щелочей, дозирование фруктовых концентратов, дозирование консервантов, дозировка ароматизаторов, дозировка дрожжей, дозирования добавок для глазури, дозировка эссенций, азотной кислоты, антиспумина, бревиол, кебоспума, минифома, букофоума, гидроксида алюминия, формалина, дозирование сиропов
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D-Series motor diaphragm dosing pumps capacity: 56÷574 L/H. pressure: 2÷12 bar designed for dosing chemicals. D-Series diaphragm (or diaphragm) chemical dosing pumps; Configuration BA — pump's head — PVC, diaphragm — PTFE (Teflon). On request: AI, AP, BI, SA, SI; Capacity: 56÷574 L / H, pressure: 2÷12 bar; The pumps comply with CE standards; The pump body is made of cast aluminum, protected by epoxy, anti-acid paint; Protection class: IP55, insulation Class: F; The pump capacity is regulated by a micrometer handle that controls the length of the piston stroke; Maximum intake height: 3 meters; The dosing pump is controlled by a vertically positioned motor; The gearbox operates on the principle of idling (the piston is returned using a return spring); Standard motor: 0.18 kW, 0.37 kW, 230 / 400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz; Catalog: https://prom-nasos.pro/upload/medialibrary/pdf/motor_pumps.pdf Other types of engines are made on an additional order.

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