MT 300 PTO roller pump

MT 300 PTO roller pump

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Features MT 300 PTO roller pump

powered by a PTO
cast iron
Drive Type
mechanical from PTO
Input pipe diameter
40 mm
Country of Origin
The rotary speed of PTO, rpm
Dimensions, mm
250 x 250 x 250
Output pipe diameter
40 mm
Max.flow rate, m3/h
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The ML and MT series pumps are the most popular pumps for agricultural activities. Self-priming with rollers that are applied directly to the PTO of the tractor without the use of a driveshaft. Due to the practicality of use and maintenance, they are popular pumps worldwide for agricultural applications such as high-pressure washing, irrigation with or without sprinklers, and in the presence of soils with a large difference in height, displacement and spraying. Roller pumps are preferred by the vast majority of farmers around the world. The rollers rotate inside the pump housing and push the spray solution through the outlet to the nozzle. Roller pumps have a low cost, and they are exceptionally versatile. They operate efficiently at PTO speeds from 540 to 1000 rpm and have a wide pressure range of up to 25 bar and a flow rate of 8 to 300 l/min. The roller pumps have a self-filling function and are easily mounted on the power take-off shaft or connected to the internal combustion engine. Special materials used to make seals, rollers and castings can be selected for compatibility with certain herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. All models are equipped with a chain for attachment to a fixed point on the tractor. The "MLI 25" model is equipped with a brass pressure control valve. A special adapter is available on request for use on cultivators.

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