Hot oil pump ВTKF-K 65-160, 2,2kW (1500) Ex

Hot oil pump ВTKF-K 65-160, 2,2kW (1500) Ex


Features Hot oil pump ВTKF-K 65-160, 2,2kW (1500) Ex

cast iron
Drive Type
Explosion hazard
d II BT4
Max.temperature, C
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Hot oil pump BTKF-K is appointed for the high temperature liquids transferring. Pumps are completed with impellers of three dimensions’ types regarding to the diameter (with trimming), this allows to select the power on the shaft and pressure of the pump more precisely. Hot oil pump has the air type of cooling. Pump and motor are connected with help of the coupling. It gives the advantages while disassembling. Dimensions of pump are regarding to the TS EN 733 standard. Inlet and outlet pipes sizes conforms to the отвечают ISO 7005-2 / PN16 standard. The mechanical seal made of materials resistant to the high temperatures is installed in the pump. The pump is easy to disassemble while applicable to change the impeller or bearing parts. Appointment: pump for overheated water, thermal oil, other products with the temperature to 350°C. Application: - chemical and petrochemical plants; - paper factories; - sugar plants; - plants of food and medical industries; - plastic, rubber and synthetic fiber plants; - kitchen and heating stoves; - textile and leather industries; - metallurgy; - dye industry; - asphaltic and bitumen industries; - timber processing and furniture industries; - for the heat-exchangers with the temperature over 100°C.

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