Pump driven from the PTO of the tractor MTZ-P 40/600

Pump driven from the PTO of the tractor MTZ-P 40/600


Features Pump driven from the PTO of the tractor MTZ-P 40/600

Drive Type
mechanical from PTO
powered by a PTO
cast iron
Material of flow channel
cast iron
The capacity of the shaft, k.s.
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Application: pump for irrigation, irrigation, water supply, sprinkler, drip irrigation, fire fighting, organization of watering for cattle, fertilizer supply, CAS, ammonia water. Pump driven by the power take-off shaft (PTO) of the MTZ-P 40 tractor with a shaft speed of 600 rpm and power. on the shaft of 24.3 HP is one of the most reliable and popular in agriculture. This pump can be used to pump a variety of liquids, ranging from clean or slightly contaminated water to urea-ammonia mixtures. Such a pump can be used for filling containers, watering, spraying liquid fertilizers and plant protection products. The pump is mounted on the rear hitch of the tractor and provides a working fluid supply height of up to 125.25 m. the pump is Driven from the tractor's power take-off shaft through the driveshaft. Given that the PTO of the tractor has a gearbox for adjusting the speed of the impeller, the pump capacity can reach 27 cubic meters / hour. Pumps of this type can be aggregated on tractors of domestic and imported production, such as MTZ, YUMZ, KHTZ, Deutz-Fahr, John Deere, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, New Holland (USA), Fendt, Claas (Germany), etc.

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