Mechanical seals

Mechanical seal R-6CF-16

Торцевое уплотнение R-6CF-16

Mechanical seal R-6CF-16

Temperature: -20 ° ~ 100 °

Pressure: ≤0.3MPa

Speed: ≤5000rpm


  • Rotary Ring: Ceramic /Sic.
  • Stationary ring: Carbon / SIC.
  • Bellows: NBR.
  • Spring: SS304 / SS316.
  • Metal parts: SS304 / SS316.

Тип контркольца

The analogues:: Burgmann, John Crane, Roten, AESSEAL, Anga, Vulcan, Lidering, DIMER, Flowserve.

Sensors and electrodes

Торцевое уплотнение R-6SB Торцевое уплотнение R-6SB

The electrodes /sensors are highly accurate. Sensors and electrodes for determining various indicators water: pH and RedOx (ORP); turbidity; suspended solids concentration; availability and level of free and total chlorine; carbon content; hydrocarbon content; electrical conductivity; temperature; level reagent; output stream and others.

Sensors (electrodes) for RedOx (oxidation-reduction potential) or Rx (ORP).
Housing The sensor is made of epoxy plastic.
Mach. pressure - 6 bar.
Max. temperature: to 60 ° C.
Measurement range: -1000 ... + 1000 mV.

Rx (ORP) sensors (electrodes) are supplied: - with coaxial cable, length 0.5 m and BNC plug.

Reliable and inexpensive Rx level sensors (ORP).

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